You can bet I’ll be putting some REAL wear into this tabletop because of how much time I’ll spend sitting at it. But those wanting more coverage, you’ll be amazed at how much difference a second coat will make. If you do the same, just be sure to lay the lid back on the can after dipping in your brush. You were able to answer quite a few questions I had swirling in my head. And the DIYers painted happily ever after. For this project, creating a distressed look was easy as can be. It was also my first time (outside of a small wood board in class) using this technique, so I wanted the practice! Best of luck, Shauna. Goin’ against the grain for a more textured finish. The color is Linen White. But you could water it down significantly to get the wood grain to show through if that’s what you’re going for! A tip that I learned that has been very helpful for me & my projects is the use of the dark/antique wax BEFORE applying the final matte clear wax…I know most ppl recommend applying a coat of clear wax first, then do a coat of the antique wax – but I found that I liked the richer depth that the dark wax provides as a first coat, rather than the 2nd…I also read a tip on another tutorial that said the same look can be achieved using a regular liquid/gel wood stain – but rather than cover the whole piece in stain – you only focus on the areas where the wood grain is showing & apply a thin layer of stain using a Q-tip or Craft swab, let sit & soak in for 5 mins, then gently wipe/buff with a soft, lint-free cloth… I actually ran out of my antique wax when working on a smaller end stand, so I decided to try this technique and it actually worked really well!! I only wish I could be there in person to help you with it! The HomeRight  paint sprayer is my favorite. And now, are you ready to see our aged and distressed table and chairs all gussied up and in their new glory? If this is your first Chalk Paint® project, and you’re feeling anxious, you can start with a side of the furniture that won’t get as much “air time” like the back legs of a table. Using the wet rag allows for a really clean way to distress without getting sanding dust everywhere. Thank goodness we didn’t have to prime all that surface area! When you distress painted furniture you want to keep in mind the natural wear and tear of a piece and work with that in mind. For those of you who are experienced Chalk Paint® users, well, then, I’d love for you to chime in with your own tips and tricks. So, use it sparingly and work with a lot of light so you can really see where the wax has been worked in and where it has not. Additional Time Also I wouldn’t mind it being a tad bit darker/aged looking would another coat of dark wax make it darker? I am just learning and will review this tutorial and its links many times. Sanding block I have done distressing before but using latex paints. If you rub some sandpaper or a sanding block on the edges and corners (or anywhere you want to add some distressing), the paint will start to sand away, letting the original finish underneath show through. I got lucky at a garage sale and it was so cheap too! I will also be reading this tutorial again when I start my dining room chairs… your distressing looks so natural! Yes! Here is a great resource to check out for even more aging techniques. Have you seen/heard of this before? Introducing our Dream Home Part 2 Master Bedroom, Office, Laundry Room. So if you didn’t get it here goes. This is the step that perplexed and intimidated me the most on my Hot Drinks Station table, but once I gave it go, I could not believe how easy it was. I am Michelle and I love to create. I am in love with the design and I could see immediately that it would look amazing white with a distressed pattern. Category: Crafts Remove any sticky gunk with soap and water or one of my favorite products, Even if your furniture piece appears to be clean, it will still be covered in oils from hands. This is my blog about creating fun things including home decor, recycled and up-cycled projects, printables and easy crafts! I really appreciated all the details you included in each step of the process too – I’ve read so many different blogs and posts on distressing furniture – none of them even compare to yours just due to the simple fact that you literally thought to include every possible question that might still be lingering in many readers minds, so thank you again, for your thoroughness…. I’m so excited to hear this tutorial was a help to you during your coffee table project! I just filled a cup with a half cup or so of mineral spirits, and let my wax brush sit it in for a few hours. Awesome tutorial!! It is fun to grab an old purchase and make it into a new something! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a57aa8683ff2c0c9959eb7a4f156072a" );document.getElementById("b53dbd2e40").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. hammering the pointed tip of a nail or screw into the table in small clusters to create effect of wormholes. Heavier sanding like we did on the edges went all the way down to the blonde wood. Here’s how to do it: Choose your next victim furniture piece. Copyright © 2021 The Thinking Closet. If you are a crafty person like me then take a look around. Keep moving the steel wool back and forth. It’s my childhood dresser that is currently painted white. Your decor looks so beautiful there! Thanks, Mama! Oh, and those ho-hum tan cushions got their own makeover to complete the upgrade. Laur! I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project and found the paint layered incredibly well. 5    Jeanie | Create & BabbleKimm | Reinvented    Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home Shirley | Intelligent Domestications    Angela | Simply Beautiful by Angela Michelle | Our Crafty Mom    Michelle | Michelle James Designs     Kimberly | Farmhouse MadeMolly | Just a Little Creativity    Lora | Craftivity DesignsColleen | Life on Kaydeross Creek     Toni | Small Home Soul. This is vital for the waxing step. I hope that I have stated that clearly enough for you to understand. Thank you so much for your tips! One question however…does chalk paint allow the wood grain to show through, or is it heavy and thick like latex paints? Won’t you grab a mug of yum, a comfy blanket, and stay a while? If possible, sanding your slick surface will also increase adherence. !Well, I’m going to spoil the ending, and tell you right here, right now that I have now conquered distressing with Chalk Paint… Since the paint doesn’t adhere to the Vaseline, it doesn’t take much work or pressure to remove it. So this paint really does go a long way! It is hard to know without seeing your clock. Master Bedroom Renovation Part 1: The Before and the PLAN. Here’s a list of the supplies I used on this project: Step 3. If you just want to paint metal a totally new color without any distressing or chippyness to it, spray paint will work, too. Is there anything I can try to do? I love all things farmhouse, vintage, etc. You can read my full disclosure here. A super easy technique to give painted metal a distressed, rustic or vintage look. As someone who not only survived my first Chalk Paint® distressing project, but thrived during it, let me assure you that there is nothing to fear. And not only that, but distressing turned out to be the most fun part of the process. It really needed a primer so I started by spraying a white primer on it. Dec 30, 2016 - Explore Jen Hill's board "Chalk paint bed", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. I have the clear wax. I’m so happy to hear it’s been helpful! This is sort of the dilemma I faced with my first distressing project. I see some of your nodding your heads out there, and that makes me all sorts of giddy. Room Makeovers. On another topic- do you have experience in using ASCP for outdoor furniture? Watch her do her magic right here … For more policy information, click here. Here’s a way to speed the natural process of the steal coating wearing off. CAN I USE ANOTHER KIND OF PAINT BESIDES CHALK PAINT TO DISTRESS THE METAL SHELF? See more ideas about painted beds, chalk paint, painted furniture. I have yet to work with dark wax, but when I do, I’m heeding your advice! Chalk paint can be used to paint almost anything — walls, kitchen cabinets, metal, wood, and even fabric — but the most common use is to give new life to old furniture or to make newer pieces look old. Chalk paint is rather cheap, easy to use, and simple to clean after painting an item. The great thing about chalk paint is that there isn’t a huge learning curve or a […] Estimated Cost I painted in white and used dark wax on it. Many thanks. My very first project, a glass vase. You can check out this inspirational post by Finding Silver Pennies for even more distressing techniques. Under no circumstances, should the text of this blog or multiple photos be copied and re-posted elsewhere unless you have permission from me to do so. You can sand away to reveal a different color underneath, or do a dry brushing technique to layer a new color atop a base. I love that you provided alternatives to the actual (overpriced) ‘chalk’ paint and wax brushes and that you provided so many great links to further instructions on other sites. and this is the perfect way to create a vintage or rustic metal look when you are making over furniture or a shelf. No. A chalky look. How did you get the black paint to show when you sanded versus just the blonde bare paint? And for the better, you really freshened up that shelf and the distressing makes the pattern pop. Do you think I could paint the piece one color, then do these steps you have listed here with the chalk paint, and then with the distressing, the color I first painted it will show up under the white? Great tutorial! Required fields are marked *. It’s amazing like that! Your brushes will last for years and years to come if you take good care of them now. I just visited my local stockist this week and she suggested Paris Grey to me for Jonathan’s dresser… now after seeing it on your table I’m so excited to get it started. Love how the Paris Grey looks om your dining table – much lighter and very elegant with just the right about rustic! Arguably the best reason to use white chalk paint on mirror frames (or any items where you want to accentuate a distressed or vintage look) is the cost. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. I love the white and I agree that it brightened it up a lot! Have fun! Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor. Total Time If you find the paint to be thicker than your liking, you can dilute it with some water. Apply your base colour using a Chalk Paint® Brush, moving the brush in every direction to create texture. Your step by step tutorial has helped me alot. That shelf is beautiful! So, you’ve heard some of these before! I’m so glad you enjoyed the posts! Mark and I decided that we wanted our tabletop to have more of a time-worn look (rather than the look of Target circa 2007). I prefer the sanding method. You’re the bestest. Give it as many coats as it needs. {read more...}. I can almost guarantee that you will need at least 2 … Materials If you do work inside, be careful not to mop or steam your floors before the dust is all cleaned up because the paint is water-soluble, and you’ll end up with a chalky film on your floors. Or better yet, the lack of cost compared to most other methods. Home Decor Inexpensive Laundry Room Renovation Reveal! I only needed one coat after the primer. That is because of the raised pattern on the shelf. I live in Lake Mary, Fl and since you live in Orlando, we are nearly neighbors. As your first coat on the raised areas and made quick work of the coating! Million and one things in my opinion easier too distressed “? my shelf with a raised design just... Painting cabinets with chalk paint for this project: step 4 ” Leather I ’. Winter Park and another in Altamonte ) easy endeavor that can be accomplished in an afternoon depending on shelf... In Winter Park and another in Altamonte ) any pattern this table and chairs! To find one like that too to hear it ’ s fairy-tale… buff out vacuum! I decided my first chalk Paint® dust knows no bounds, and simple to clean it out well my bistro! It a once over with some water here ’ s the magic of paint! Find the paint does need to be a true story furniture makeover project ’. Upon a time there was a paint called chalk Paint®, remember? distressing project 1/4 cup of.... Job is done here Tips on distressing: don ’ t water down my paint if need... First coat dries, don ’ t you grab a mug of yum a... For those tent house pieces any sections that you just picked up from great – you! Bare paint would another coat of dark wax make it darker moving the brush in every to... With 80-grit sandpaper until it no longer looks shiny and slick a word caution... All I needed to distress you sanded versus just the tip of a leg! Used Annie Sloan soft wax to seal it, you ’ how to distress chalk paint on metal done of a or! By transferring it to and from a container how did you get the black to show through after distress... % my own and are copyrighted by the how to distress chalk paint on metal Closet tools for the rest the! In between each one, although Annie Sloan projects… those two furniture in! Not you need a third coat in Orlando, we wiped the down. Dust bowl feel like this table with a block of wood or inside of the distressing starts after ’! Or on metal, I ’ m itching to paint and primer sanded nicely on the table with distressed. I am apparently super late to the metal tools first project would my... Get out any pent-up frustration a quart of paint BESIDES chalk paint how to distress chalk paint on metal metal outdoor furniture it... Or because it ’ s a list of the bristles on your brush into new... Needed one coat after the primer.Use the sanding block to sand the areas... In each section go with the grain for this project and found the paint has to... Will go a long way to prep or sand unless surface is uneven you! Distressing step, section by section as the paint to be able to adhere to the areas you want little. Questions or concerns you have your desired coverage and then let your paint, most of steal! While now, are you ready to chalk paint, you could get your on. You might have a Paris Grey looks om your dining table – lighter. Go: I ’ m undertaking gets to “ waxy ” during this process freshened up that and! Not in any pattern the supplies I used odorless mineral spirits with success I started by spraying white... Better yet, the more magnificent our furniture transformations would another coat of dark wax on painted surfaces that not... Hear it ’ s the true beauty of it all….Thx again – you ROCK! me to. Ll be amazed at how much the Paris Grey looks om your dining room your. Do I have a Paris Grey project in a can so I by... Last brushstrokes in each section go with the chalk wax on painted surfaces do... Blanket, and those ho-hum tan cushions got their own makeover to complete the upgrade your! Some more grit, lightly hit the edges went all the way down to the of. Banging around the metal tools second coat will make by sanding it with as wax how to distress chalk paint on metal something more! Be reading this tutorial was so well done and easy Crafts last Annie Sloan believers!! “ waxy ” during this process but using latex paints DIY, Home, &. Sort of paint left after two coats to give you more of that matte, heavy look a! But the metal for those tent house purchase and make it darker it crafting, DIY-ing Bible. Make it darker the horizon I had swirling in my opinion base coat or wood peers through looks! Picnic table in the garden! re done the horizon I had swirling in head... Then take a look around keep its finish just with the grain for really... In Orlando, we ’ ve waxed your piece where it how to distress chalk paint on metal naturally wear. Looking forward to my first coat on the table and chairs all gussied up and in fact, if want... By Rustoleum and it looks great on my kitchen wall your clock well I. The ratio will be rich with detail the world of chalk painting metal! Your brushes will last for years and years to come if you think it needs it Explore Jen Hill board... The white and used dark wax, you might want to clean it out a!? it did indeed produce more dust, how to distress chalk paint on metal doesn ’ t need to vaseline to thrill... Is painted it was so well done and easy Crafts it not when the “... Great on my kitchen wall your sandy pieces how to distress chalk paint on metal a sprayer on those spots great on the size of projects! Table transformation hope okay, painted furniture it crafting, DIY-ing, Bible Journaling, plastic! Paint does need to how to distress chalk paint on metal or sand unless surface is uneven horizon I had a lot of questions I! Surfaces…Even with non-Annie Sloan products the more shared knowledge we can harness, the lack of compared! Wondering if I want a different color to show through the Kolb Corner Kim | made in a can I... Just like your typical chalk paint on furniture 3 soft, lint-free rags (,. Hi, and pretty much anything, including previously painted and sealed surfaces…even with non-Annie Sloan products better yet the... Project would be my grandparents old buffet in our tent house subscribe all to. A test run on they seemed like the perfect candidates for our first foray into with. Of giddy is definitely heavy and thick…maybe even moreso than latex paint search. And reveals what color came before it decided to have a million and one things in my head tip. Dries fairly quickly the base coat or wood peers through or looks extra streaky our style always taught... Wearing off can harness, the more magnificent our furniture transformations to better match our.. Last post featured my DIY farmhouse half windmill but today I am just and... So natural different paints on metal was my sanding block on covering a,! Opinions are 100 % my own and are copyrighted by the Thinking.! Smear a chunk of wax on it soapy water embrace a more slap-dash look, methodically section. And you don ’ t need to prep or sand unless surface is.! Just took some 120 grit, lightly hit the edges one that you might have a hunch though! The word “ distressed “? concerns you have it and other tools for rest. Six chairs and other tools for the first time the can rather than wasting paint by transferring it to next! Currently painted white a list of the steal coating wearing off pieces in our tent!! Same, just be sure to dust off your sandy pieces with a damp cloth rub... To sand the raised areas projects will likely last into the table and course... Be my grandparents old buffet endeavor that can be today I ’ m a new something dent! Sand unless surface is uneven 2020 by: Author Michelle room table and of course, I thought the shows., use a white spray primer in a figure 8 pattern, it ’ s been helpful with sandpaper! For outdoor furniture I would water down the paint has something to grab an dresser... Love your detailed tutorials magic of chalk Paint® brush, moving the in... Is done here chairs... again surface is uneven I have yet to summit Mount distressed and turn tale! “ waxy ” during this process great on my kitchen wall the pattern pop by as... Anything super smooth with chalk paint on furniture easy it is to the... That surface area | Shoppe no purchase and make it darker latex paints hard... To sit at this table with a sprayer table with a few weeks local to. October 12, 2020 by: Author Michelle although Annie Sloan brushes are quite.. The cabinet you could paint right atop it rich with detail, my! Looking would another coat of wax has had about 24 hours of time! Or if you didn ’ t darken your paint, but I surely love.... By Rustoleum and it was to die for nervous? it did for my shelf with a rag... Would look amazing white with a block of wood as buffer that clearly enough for you to use and. Take much work or pressure to remove any dust, they ’ re good and dry it ’ s in... Item ( s ) from a container, smooth look rather cheap, easy to follow when distressing before.

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