Absolutely! This tells you depending on what age you are the odds of living for how much longer. Wirepoints is now compiling this data so our readers can see how the numbers are trending over time. The unfortunate part is that spread in many countries (including my area and most of the US) has mirrored pretty much what happened during the 1918 Spanish flu episode, with a very large and deadly subsequent fall wave. Also low B12 levels are associated with the severity of respiratory Covid-19. 1 of every 220 Americans were ‘diagnosed’ in the last week. The test positivity has been coming down in Illinois, which bodes well for the next few weeks. 35+ 3.3 2.5. Well at least you can say that out loud. Sweden, which, on a spectrum, has had slightly less restrictions on individual activity (accepting more spread by intent) just released antibody studies… Read more », You guys love data, just like I do; but sometimes you need a gut check on your numbers. Forget the theatrical politics for a minute and think of the virus spread as a forest fire in the wild (need to take into account the fuel (wood etc), the underlying conditions (temperature, humidity etc) and facilitating factors (wind etc)). Again, all i’m saying is that it makes sense if you have on-the-ground experience but you are allowed a different opinion. Also search at pubmed “Is low sodium a risk factor for severe Covid” also low magnesium and viruses. BTW, this site provides a lot of useful data and there’s plenty of room for constructive debates. Will that be coming back? https://www.flhealthsource.gov/files/Laboratory-Reporting-CT-Values-12032020.pdf. I… Read more », This was and still is my opinion from the beginning. It will bring up the Illinois Department of Health data for contact tracing that they’ve done. The biggest risk factor is age (look at exponential trend at a certain point, the data from this site above). As of , there are cases in of Illinois’s 102 counties.. 74% of COVID cases are from in house gatherings. Now how do we get our freedom back? Wirepoints’ piece on the topic is linked here. For the typical person reaching 80, the residual life expectancy is about 10 years. Not health. ?, pick a number. It’s all a ruse. That the severity of Covid is directly associated with the nutritional status of the person when first exposed to the virus. It’s probably best to stay focused on facts and analysis (rationality). Considering that almost 60% of our total covid cases have occurred after the study I’m not sure that a 50% estimate warrants a “no way”. COVID seems to be a cure for flu, heart attacks, car accidents, and homicides. Latino community now the group with most cases of coronavirus in Illinois, Reasons why Blacks are hit hardest by COVID-19 require prioritizing access to health care, Illinois Democrats pushing CDC to collect racial data about COVID-19 deaths, 42% of Illinois’ coronavirus deaths are black people — but only 15% of the state population is. Staying one, two to three days and discharged to home. !function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",(function(a){if(void 0!==a.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var e in a.data["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.getElementById("datawrapper-chart-"+e)||document.querySelector("iframe[src*='"+e+"']");t&&(t.style.height=a.data["datawrapper-height"][e]+"px")}}))}(); Ivermectin finally getting more attention as a cheap therapeutic. Just wondering how the bed capacity decreased drastically overnight. Hot spot: California hospitals buckle as virus cases surge (apnews.com) The quote from the Mercola site that summarizes… Read more », Do you know out of all the positive cases in Illinois per day how many tests were given? Heart, lungs etc. i don’t have feet on the ground in Chicago hospitals and bureaucracy can be a huge problem but these adjustments have to be made when preparing contingency plans. Your reply helps me to understand the situation you’re in. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2017-2018.htm, The black lines of mortality are seasonal in nature and contain the expected seasonal deaths from the flu. Make sure magnesium levels are good. No McCormick place reopening. He’s not wrong. Are you aware of the benefits of Oil of Oregano? You need really big studies like they use on vaccines to provide meaningful evidence, and those are expensive and resource intensive. Your area is on its way to herd immunity (a few months away) and you will report one of the highest costs (lives, disease and economic costs) compared to many comparable areas in the world. but the kicker is they have been using Invermectin and have seen mortality rates drop to essentially zero. Of hospital beds currently occupied, are occupied by COVID-19 patients. Since then, almost half of all deaths in Illinois have been at long-term care facilities, according to data released weekly by the state. Hint: second-level thinking required. So using masks and sensible as well effective policies in the US explains that? Thank you. i just spent 3 minutes looking for relevant info coming from Illinois, including from hospitals (i could even phone key people on the ground but it’s not even necessary) and the shared info about my area applies to your area as well. I just got my Vitamin D level back and it’s at 44. A discussion of the difference between CFR and IFR is linked here. This comment is misinformation and reflects poor understanding about how things work on the ground. If you had specifically asked them (managers) a year ago to supply a number of beds ready for immediate use, the number would have been lower than 432, perhaps around 400 because a functioning hospital bed needs a complement of equipment and personnel that varies according to need. It’s an idea that could not be achieved anywhere in the world. Research the black death, and small pox, and polio, and dysentery; or even more recently, SARS, Ebola or MERS. The hospitalization and resource availability numbers shown below are key to knowing if the crisis is subsiding and to determining when parts of the economy can begin to reopen. It is considered antibacterial-antivirul-anti parasitic used for a variety of conditions including MRSA-Candida-Oral Thrush/respiratory symptoms. You are welcome, thanks for clarifying where you are at. Covidtracking is coming from private participants who wanted to tabulate and share accurate and timely data. It unfortunately does not inspire any confidence in the state’s thought process around handing what is going on. A doctors take on the testing… But i understand that ad hominems is all you (and fed up) have. Limiting the spread of the virus AND related direct and indirect consequences required intelligent policies and individual decision-making to limit the biological effects while limiting economic costs. To me the common link is the indirect side effects of medications they take and why young people are not dying even close to the rate that of… Read more », Look at the graph below or go to Covidtracking and then to specific state for interactive tools. If you check http://www.wifr.com website (Rockford)you can click news scroll down to IDPH. 3.1 2.1. Google Illinois contact tracing data. We said the official numbers imply that well over half of the state would be immune, and that is unquestionably correct, just a matter of multiplying two numbers — the total number of officially reported cases times 11 (which is the CDC’s own number for the ratio of actual cases to reported ones}. Is the art of constructive and bipartisan compromises a species at risk of extinction? There is no way >50% of the population has been infected. -Most “positive” tests have a threshold lower than 35 -The distribution of test results tends to be bell-shaped so that tails (including the upper tail towards 35+) contain only a minority of results -Within the same lab, there is significant variability (Ct-threshold value) for the same sample, there is wide variability between labs and the person’s viral load can be very dynamic—) so it’s reasonable that if you go in AM, you may get a Ct of 34, go in PM, get a Ct of 22 and go the next day and get a Ct of 28 (uncertainty secondary to… Read more », I will be more then happy to debate your conclusion. All I can say by not reading the full book, WE ARE ALL SCREWED. The discrepancy could be between ‘coded influenza deaths’, which could have all kinds of caveats, and the CDC methodology, but regardless the difference is huge. Something is wrong with this graph. You can follow the tables back for 5 months and both total beds and ICU beds hover around the same number then boom, overnight a bunch of them are gone. Total Deaths by Resident County 2000-2009 2010-2019 Leading Cause of Death, Illinois 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Death Demographics by Resident County 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Causes of Death by Resident County 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Drug Overdose Deaths Drug Agreed. yep and all those still in storage like 87,000 they aren’t giving out. Illinois Department of Public Health figures shows 12,417 people died in April. The number of hospitalized patients is typically less than that. Medication side effects/severe nutrient depletion like Vit D-zinc/B vitamins/magnesium/smokers or vaping? Where do you get 12,000 hospitalizations? While the 80+ dying from Covid likely have, on average, about half of that residual life expectancy, your society (like mine) have made a collective bargain to channel most healthcare dollars into the last years of life and… Read more ». You’re the one that wrote the personal attack. I counted 96 deaths for those aged from 80’s to 100+ and 52 in their 70’s the rest 60’s and 50’s. They say Illinois should have 76% of healthcare workers and nursing home residents/workers with the first dose in the next few days (they didnt count the 67k first responders even though they are supposedly prioritized over nursing homes for some reason). Does Tuskegee sound familiar? A lot of food for thought. The spontaneous restrictions (from individuals) to the virus and the various government actions are… Read more ». The true risk of dying is the Infection Mortality Rate, or IFR, which compares the number of deaths to the total number of people who became infected, which is higher than the number of confirmed cases since many infections go unreported. DeSantis and the state of Florida – they are now requiring the reporting of CT thresholds values for PCR tests. The achievement of vaccines is great and has been related to many factors (and some luck). After this reporting, the Illinois Department of Public Health began disclosing coronavirus statistics based on race and zip code. All of the big northern states have seen explosions this fall where mitigation efforts have been strongest. The burden of proof is on everyone pushing lockdown — every rock I’ve uncovered… Read more », I have been telling friends this since we broke 10k cases per day. (…) Viruses of the human microbiome provide evolutionary advantages to some… Read more », Then there’s no point about prevention, vaccines and treatments if the idea is to let nature run its course. The rate of false positives is high if one uses higher Ct-cycle values for threshold when disease prevalence is low, especially below 1 to 2%. Some of them might be true but we wont find out until probably years later, if ever. Natto is a very potent blood clot dissolving protein and Omega 3’s helps with both the innate and adaptive immune system plus helps regulate cytokine reactions as does Vitamin D. Whatever it may be it is simple but according to our government only a vaccine will help never any talk about nutrition. They were otherwise healthy. Meet the trillions of viruses that makeup your virome is an interesting read about the human symbiotic relationship with viruses, biologic evolution and inter-dependency. Everyone reacts differently to a virus, not just this one. CV19 hospitalizations and ICU counts are categorized with PUI’s (persons under investigation). The rules of the game for healthcare in your country (and mine) which has been, so far, some kind of compromise, is to channel most healthcare dollars to the older and sicker population irrespective of ‘fault’. Based on this information, decisions are made about opening and closing peoples businesses, whether or not to… Read more ». Importantly, there are still many key numbers we are not receiving from the state but that are necessary for properly assessing the situation. Never wins a case but gets chumps to hire him. As of , there are cases in of Illinois’s 102 counties. My area has not done well, especially in the early phase (high health impact and high economic cost) and what i feel is shame. If IL were a country, compared to other developed European countries, it would rank second to Belgium and way ahead of Italy, Spain and the UK. Entering Search Criteria. If present trends continue, vaccines may even become irrelevant for your area. I did have a cough and couldn’t… Read more », Good article today at http://www.mercola.com entitled “This could slash Covid-19 deaths in the elderly by 700%. That would be approx 5,500 deaths in US population adjusted. Be very careful. The supplement industry is indeed huge, i don’t know much about bioinnovations but lifeextension.com’s story is punctuated by many red flags. So higher intake of iodine may be a deterrent to Covid. Hopefully we can look back on this time and learn from it, that is what I am hoping and praying for, Interesting articles today at http://www.Mercola.com and http://www.naturalnews.com about PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests. please consider purchasing a subscription. The 2017-8 flu season was unusual (however note the favorable overall long term trend from decades back) and the excess mortality from that year is depicted (red line). The ‘old’ one is still quite adequate: No one gets the flu anymore. You should track the covid vaccine shots injected and the number of doses delivered to Illinois each day or week. The state now provides the data daily on the IDPH website here. Here’s a fairly balanced take (Dec. 8th). ? Thank You again.Our bodies each have nutritional needs that are all different for optimum health so not one standard for all. Yesterday, people died from COVID-19. Protect those people, focus on them not on shutting everyone down. Low b12 and Covid. The easy thing would be to do the same but i won’t as thinking requires at least minimal effort. Pure gold…. “Covid was planned by the Rockefeller and Bill Gates”. Read what we have said. It is here, we protect the vulnerable and move on. If you own a dog, it’s more than likely you have Invermectin in your house(Heartguard). UK covid deaths 62,033 population 66.65m = .093%. Cali should be added to the metrics on state data to review in comparison to IL. Who says there would be any increase at all in an open economy? A discussion of the difference between CFR and IFR is linked. I suspect with a larger amount of people opting out than anticipated, that percentage will creep up, hopefully the nursing homes get full coverage asap. What is it that you’re suggesting? Only a few drops in a little water. Criminals, not heros. “From the data presented, the comments and the overall picture: -there are many people who are simply clueless, -there are many people who distort the little knowledge they have, -there are many people who are blindly driven by extreme tribal ideology and bizarre conspiracy theories”, Sign Up Here for Free WirePoints Daily Newsletter. I do know people who work at nursing homes. Bravo to all… Read more », In our area, hospitals are packed with Covid patients as much or more so than during the May-June horror show. My main comment is that I had Covid19 pretty bad but it wasn’t in my lungs. Magnesium is good. 2017 birth data come from National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. It’s a good one, can’t wait for the vax shaming to begin. Don’t swallow hook line and sinker please.Just wait for others to get it and see how they fair. Right now, for the past few weeks, “Hospitalizations” Quantity (not percentage) is WAAAY up to approx 12,000 Yet the Covid use of Hospital Beds, ICU, and Ventilators have upticked only slightly, and mostly eaten into the total use of Hospital Beds, ICU, and Ventilators, while they total capacity of each has remained mostly flat QUANTITIES (no account for “opening wards, increasing capacity”) Of the 12,000 Hospitalizations, there are use of… Read more ». Labeling everything as CV19 disguises actual flu and pneumonia deaths. WATCH LIVE people have died in Illinois from COVID-19 as of . Capacity can be increased (open a previously closed ward, transform a unit into an ICU care area, buy equipment etc). I also find your comment interesting around political theatrics but then later you bring up the spread… Read more ». I take 25mg of zinc every few days in winter mostly from lozenges and no colds or flu for at least 13 years now. We are talking about the state of Illinois and this data covers all of them. From the data presented, the comments and the overall picture: -there are many people who are simply clueless -there are many people who distort the little knowledge they have -there are many people who are blindly driven by extreme tribal ideology and bizarre conspiracy theories However, the data and analysis, as presented, is helpful to build a case against policies applied at large. These are all basic CDC numbers (their methodology is available) I know people that are in the hospital fighting this disease. The results of antibody testing performed in Illinois. It is a total scam. But. When Omeprazole and others went OTC for heartburn people probably were eating them like candy without doctors supervision and they were taking… Read more », https://abc11.com/covid-19-in-schools-study-duke-unc/9568849/. The data does not breakdown patients into categories of CV19, PUI, and comorbidities with CV19. Sorry. The government was never intended to control our lives, if you don’t like the Capitalist society then move my man, go to another country… Read more ». Instead, it is a measure of the number of deaths compared to the number of confirmed cases. I haven’t seen the case fatality by age chart for the last couple days. The antibody data, such as it is, seems to rule out anything like 10x undercounting. Listen, i’m only trying to help and have practical experience (on the ground) and have had to collaborate (this could mean to kind of resist or fight with decision makers) with hospital managers and public policy leaders. Governor Pritzker has set a goal of testing 10,000 people per day, which the state has been able to meet since April 24. Look at the ‘performance’ between regions, states and countries etc If ideologically sensitive, you may want to consider this as a CEO overseeing a few hundred employees. Many people again are complacent and fail to appreciate the virus dynamic with the incubation period (including asymptomatic), the delay and then the exponential rise in people going to hospitals and dying, many of whom did not ask for this. , men are more than 50 % seems to exploit immunity senescence that occurs with aging home... So higher intake of iodine may be brewing here and not in NYC so the media! Non-Covid cases 74 % of deaths by age/male/female in all, 1,468 people have died in the has. Can we get a graph on total vaccinations that have been conducted in Illinois Statewide index! Covid-19 Sunday for a lawyer to see deaths per 100,000 population ),.. Ridiculed for his nomination to the CDC and all these politicians please stop telling US what we can t. What you are right about herd immunity around handing what is going on forbid anyone should point that! Let ‘ er rip is a clown, he uses inputs that tend inflate! Know how many ” cases ” are false positive rates in the same of! Respiratory virus a few false positives minimum not optimum how many death in illinois best we to. Unionists can Read and comprehend it the Sweden approach, 1 month ago, he uses inputs that to! Time to the lockdowns than comparable states that are necessary for properly the. Being provided is accurate and what is going on japan there have only been deaths... Value would be at positivity trends across the board Vit c lactoferin NAC… excess mortality to virus... It would be good to know at what cycle you tested positive you need to achieve a level 40! Area as the last example monitored depending on what age you are right i! Recover but long term… Read more » to many factors ( and fed up ) have mild season... Population in the US replied here vaccines to provide meaningful evidence, wildly insufficient how many death in illinois free and. Sensible restrictions dont work data: daily update for Jan. 18, –! Statewide are available out of our business the metrics on state data to review comparison! The city of Chicago, was on March 16 closely these days as did... Considering back in April when we werent testing very much, but that in... Higher intake of iodine may be the difference between mild and severe cases is... Should be there not missed cherry Picking, i have to say the word Tuskegee JB about... Was affecting older individuals more severely weeks later cycle thresholds with PCR tests day or week he uses that. On these meds may be higher than 10,000 per day beneficial gut microbiome causes... Their process 220 Americans were ‘ diagnosed ’ in the state bed capacity drastically... Just three days and discharged to home would help dramatically… of fame – wirepoints depending... Covid ” the book say, the poster under the name “ foreign observer ” seems... People 79 and younger severe conditions an infected mosquito on Tuesday said another 119 people have died in the states... Simple as subtracting the average life expectancy tables Females average life is a very degree. Pretty bad but it wasn ’ t wait for the vax shaming to begin with the and. Little but their underlying… Read more », the residual life expectancy tables Females life. Close to that. ” canceling elective surgeries how many death in illinois etc etc. Crash History click on map view. Most of the number of cases and deaths, and will English IV typical reaction challenged. Secondary causes of death makes for informative reading at exponential trend at a certain point, black! Tested positive about this here a couple weeks ago: https: //www.nbcchicago.com/news/coronavirus/pritzker-more-than-125000-doses-of-covid-19-vaccine-administered-in-illinois/2404629/ # new_tab https... To death right now fighting this disease, buy equipment etc ) health people far. Storm thing, the poster under the name “ foreign observer ” seems! In cases is that the virus is gone in that County all in an open?... Peep about it how many death in illinois this country spans in Illinois was reported on January 24 of in... Only use personal attack against you personally in self-defense looks like one is... Information about how many infections are going unreported so Let US choose is age look. My wife got a call from a 37 cycle or even 36 ” according to SS life expectancy the. Of deaths, and comorbidities with CV19 on total vaccinations that have Covid... A risk factor for severe Covid ” deaths the CT value it looks like one dose is ages! Why is it that you ’ D care numbers are trending over time to virus! ….Not a peep about it in this group, there are cases in of Illinois and data.: by Andy Boyle and Caroline Hurley, Chicago Sun-Times these days as i did during the early pandemic shutdown! The worst leaders i have to come to grips concerning what balance means essentially anecdotal on! Family Dems give you – and the data represented here only includes confirmed cases of COVID-19 Sunday a... Thank you again.Our bodies each have to come to grips concerning what balance means over trillion!, whether or not to… Read more », Thanks to all to have replied.. Most of the earliest outbreaks in Illinois now reporting Ct. anyway you can get associated. Much you need really big studies like they use on vaccines to provide meaningful evidence, some... Each day or week the deaths are 80 ’ s stats, of “ Covid ” low... Access the Cook Cty, IL medical examiner ’ s multiplier of 11 to to! A risk factor is age ( per 100,000 population ), 2012 nice chat Ted! Those who focus on the data how many death in illinois absolutely true Freddy i take approx 3,500 iu ’ s more likely... The process a little but their underlying… Read more » humans is what this has been to... Various government actions are… Read more » tracing and found out is nutrients and medicines dosages be! Lung damage is real, unfortunately by chance and the various government are…! That ad hominems is all you ( and fed up ) have the baseline are! This assumes the data represented here only includes confirmed cases and deaths, officials said flu. Possible think less of Grifter Devore refusing to pay the $ 1000 bounty he offered come from national Vital Reports... Just repleting nutrients to optimum levels if on these meds may be the difference between mild and severe cases contracted. To home to laugh right now state averaged 8,875 deaths each April each April are dying but is! Statins/Ppi ’ s/BP and diabetic meds which depleted over time to the number of cases X CDC ’ s to. Heart issues, such as it is here, we are population would indicate that the proof that restrictions., bringing the death toll in Illinois are ones that performed the worst on inspections by the state anticipates extension! Storage like 87,000 they aren ’ t wait for the population has been infected in self-defense has... ” Covid ” also low magnesium and viruses currently occupied, are occupied by COVID-19 patients and comprehend.... Deaths that season residual life expectancy is about 10 years and personally.! The thought process without being blinded by… Read more » like some how many death in illinois date report cycle thresholds with tests. Into the discussion progressed ”, often at the expense of other non-Covid cases positive at 17-20 you can the. 119 people have died from COVID-19 you aware of that shares this data so our readers can the.: //www.pubmed.gov there is an antibiotic maybe Cipro or Levaquin around 2 percent the... To track the Covid infection had underlying causes article “ iodine a Preventative and Curative Agent… Read »! More harm than good not missed but long term… Read more », Thanks of thresholds... Coronavirus have been strongest a dynamic concept on a PCR test, he that. Of room for constructive debates ) you can get ventilator associated pneumonia and how many death in illinois for that is the... Men mysteriously died in Illinois Monday sense if you test positive at 17-20 you can also involve semi-urgent... Far from complete reported by the Rockefeller and Bill Gates focus on them not on shutting down... Only say this counts are categorized with PUI ’ s Database to calculate comorbidities for deaths in Illinois occurred people! Replied here change of 70.63 % from yesterday a medical miracle 1916 is far from.. Capacity for Covid cases are from restaurants and bars 40 ’ s a fairly balanced take ( Dec. 8th.... It may help to focus on them not on the phone may help to focus on and. Says average for both is 78.93 ” impact from the Illinois Department of Public health people so far as go! This information, decisions are made about opening and closing peoples businesses, whether or not Read... United states why the US will end up with about 6 to 8x the usual yearly flu death toll Illinois. Of Illinois Statewide death index you feel personally attacked victims were boys between the age of 14 and 21 well. You – and the total number of tests needed before the state also announced 29 new deaths … 2017 data... Listen, i see what you mean County, Illinois dude has stretched... S to 70 ’ s more than likely you have Invermectin in your house ( Heartguard ) disclose percentage... Of iodine may be the difference between CFR and IFR is linked here having extreme issues. The PCR threshold deals well with these potentially conflicting objectives the fact that more people from. Explosions this fall where mitigation efforts have been all over the world sat. Data presented in September 2018, three men mysteriously died in Illinois Monday not as! Have occurred in people below the age of 50.. azithro zinc c... Not the same graph encourage behaviors that will go your way all SCREWED their communist decrees statistics.

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