About Us

Thompson Contract Furnishings was established in 2008, and offers its products through direct sales, as well as Independent Representative Services for select companies that provide products designed to enhance specific programs and departments within Hospitals, LTC, Assisted Living and Seniors Living.

With over 20 years of experience in the sales and marketing of Capital Equipment to the Canadian Healthcare sectors, Thompson Contract Furnishings can provide the best products and services to help improve patient outcomes, all the while meeting the budgetary and esthetic goals of the facility. Our team of Capital Equipment specialists will work closely with senior management, and front line staff to discover particular pain points, then we will work together to provide the right products and services to eliminate those pain points. Our regular account reviews ensure that we are at your service as new needs arise.

Our the products that we sell and represent are cost effective, long-lasting, and immediate in their benefit.

I want to thank you for considering us, and I personally can’t wait to get started working with you to find your focus.


Christopher Thompson
President & Founder